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Journey Pictures


A collaborative factual content production company based in Glasgow


Concentrating on engaging audiences and building communities that want a different experience


Producing documentaries and factual content with a twist


December 16, 2013

491 people from all over the world have backed Journey Pictures, Kickstarter campaign,  to raise the money to complete "THE OUTSIDER : Graeme Obree's Story"  Thank you.



The Outsider launches on Kickstarter

November 20,2013

At 4:44 pm GMT the Kickstarter campaign for The Outsider : Graeme Obree's Story went live. The campaign will close at midnight on December 16th. I hope you don't all get fed up with me going on about it.   


Kickstarter Approval

November 12, 2013

'The Outsider" has been approved for a Kickstarter campaign. We aim to raise £20,000 to finish the editing, sound and music producing the theatrical master and the digital master for the DVD's

It's a Wrap - phew

September 14, 2013

Principal photography comes to an end on our documentary The Outsider. Only a year late! It has been a fabulous adventure, now we just need to edit the material



The Outsider breaks the world record

September 13 2013

The star of our documentary "The Outsider" Graeme Obree today broke a 30 year old world speed record. The prone position had stood since 1983 and Graeme topped it by 2 mph, with a bike he designed and built in his kitchen


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