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The four in production are:-


The Outsider (formerly known as Battles Bikes and Breaking Records)

The unique story of a lifelong outsider, who twenty years after becoming a cycling world record holder on the track is trying to recapture the limelight and fame by becoming the fastest human powered person.

The film follows him over a two year period as he designs and builds his machine - in his kitchen - it sees all the failures and the heartbreak, along the way to what will be his world record attempt in the Nevada desert in September 2013

We have completed principal photography and have nearly 200 hours of footage.





Savage Moves

The massive challenge taken on by a group of world renowned professional dancers to put on a theatrical dance version of Golding's Lord of the Flies using 150 young men from the Glasgow area.

Principal photography has been completed it is now in post production - using interns to log and break down the material. 

It has been offered a World Premiere at Glasgow Youth Film Festival 2014








Touching woods

The death of a tiny corner of Britain - as Kingston Bowling Club in Glasgow closes after 160 years.

We followed the final year of the club, the passion and care that went into keeping the club going through its final year.

Principal photography has been finished. It will be premiered before the Commonwealth Games 2014






Man of Stone

The life of a young dyslexic who failed everything at school, but found he had a passion for stone and carving. 

We have just started to follow him and will see his work over a year, the creation of new pieces and the beautiful restoration of old buildings from the National Portrait Gallery and the McEwan Hall to private homes and gate posts.

We have just started photography.


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